Antique Fetter Link Twist Fob Bracelet in 9ct Rose Gold

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We can confidently say that this is the watch chain that dreams are made of. It is beyond chunky and buttery and when we have been wearing it, it not only looks amazing but feels incredible with it weighing in at 26.7 grams grams. We absolutely love a different link to your typical curb Albert, and we have to say that the fetter link is top of the list. 

The links are so chunky and it sits beautifully, and feels wonderfully heavy. It's an all original piece with the same makers marks on both dog clasps, the T bar and a fetter link.

Hallmarks: Every link is stamped 9.375 for 9ct gold.   The dog clasp, T bar and a central link have the same makers mark "W&Co".

A lovely Antique Fob bracelet made in 9ct Rose Gold with a mix of links that are individually stamped

With T bar and a dog clasp

Length: 20cm 

Weight: 26.7gmns  



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