JEMS OF REMUERA – Engagement Rings

Jems of Remuera is redefining the standard of service with a welcoming and personal experience for each client.  Jems of Remuera has been helping customers find the perfect gift over the last two decades. We specialise in engagement rings, vintage and antique jewellery in Auckland, New Zealand.

John Lee of Jems of Remuera is situated 346 Remuera Road, Auckland and has been established since 1998.  John has been in the antique/jewellery business for over 18 years.  He has an eye for detail which makes Jems of Remuera a wonderful treasure to explore. All pieces have been carefully selected to enhance a style – make a statement. You will often see our pieces used in photo shoots in magazines and TV productions. John has a passion for travel, always selecting unique vintage pieces from around the world. Clients come to visit especially when they know John has been overseas on an exploration trip.

Jems of Remuera specialises in handcrafted jewellery with uncompromised design and attention to detail. All our handcrafted jewellery including engagement rings are made by our jewellers and we take pride in the time-honoured tradition of bespoke jewellery. With Jems of Remuera you won’t be disappointed with your final decision as we have several steps to ensure your dream piece will come to life.  You will be able to see your design through 3D imaging. To make it come alive even more we can make a wax model of your jewellery piece, so you can try it on to ensure it is exactly what you want to create.

You will know that you have been part of something unique and special when you work with us, having commissioned a piece which is completely your own and made in New Zealand. A great way to re-create a new piece out of your old jewellery too.

JEMS – Somewhere where you will find all sorts of “little” gems to enhance your lifestyle and of those you love! A real treasure trove of antiques, vintage jewellery, objects D’Art that you will love – come and discover, you will be amazed at what you can find.

We have a wide range of exquisite jewellery from vintage to contemporary (antique, vintage, estate, period & new) diamonds, pearls, coloured stones, gold jewellery. We are members of the Jewellers & Watchmakers of NZ.

“George” the 17-year-old store dog is a well-known part of Remuera too, everyone knows him and likes to follow him back into the store. Sometimes they wonder if he does it on purpose.

At JEMS we pride ourselves as being focused on special vintage pieces and gift solutions for both men and women, you are always likely to forage a gift solution for the “hard to buy for man”, whether it is an interesting period piece or something for the office.