Ceylonese Sapphire Loose Stone

Ceylonese Sapphire Loose Stone

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Ceylonese Sapphire Loose Stone

Step Cut/Emerald Cut Sapphire 

Measurements: 6.00Wx6.70Hx4.1Dmm (approx 1.0 carat)

Sapphire is a durable gem that can withstand daily use and wear. In this cut, the top facet is large and smooth. Working downwards from the top facet, each additional facet it cut parallely in a manner resembling a staircase. Each level is cut precisely to ensure that it is even with the one before it. When the corners are slightly rounded, the cut is called an emerald cut. This protects corners from breaking or chipping. The emerald cut is one that showcases color beautifully.



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